Project Manager


Hej and halló,

Matteus here, The Social Media Face and "Head of all Heads" at DELTA42. As a beginner Networker, I love to move from meet-up to meet-up and to spread the message of DELTA42. I love to meet new interesting people from the e-commerce scene andP I am a huge fan of discussing things in face-to-face conversations.
What else do I do? As one of the initiators of DELTA42, I am the project manager, deadline setter, activity monitorer, LinkedIn movie maker, one-man marketing show, DELTA42 pitcher (at least 20 times a day), Straight Talker, Goals setter, goal-keeper, wish-fulfiller and last but not least questions-answerer.

So: If you have any questions, wishes, suggestions or would like to become part of the DELTA42 Squad ... please get in touch!

See you, your Matteus

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Community Manager


Hey, I'm Svenja. You have seen and heard me here and there, in a DELTA42 context, in the past, but not really in the limelight. And there are reasons for this:

On the one hand: as it is in the startup - everyone somehow does everything. Our division of tasks was clear, but the further we got, the more it became clear who was supposed to do what. And since I am never without a cell phone, constantly browsing around social media and always scouting what our BETA testers where saying about DELTA42.

On the other hand: who wants to stand in the light next to the Matteus? Our "Head of all Heads" at DELTA42 dances at so many weddings at the same time and has so far managed to handle our MEGA USP - the DELTA42 Community.

We have decided to relieve him of this task. Our "Head of all Heads" will still remain, but you will also see and hear more from me in my role as Community Manager at DELTA42.

See you soon!

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Developer / Co-Founder



I am Martin, a design lover and at DELTA42 the front-end expert. I also dive more often in the depths of technology that can benefit DELTA42 and our community. As one of the founders of DELTA42, it is particularly important to me that we are a harmonious team that pushes each other with positive vibes in order to take our customers to a completely new level.


Your Martin

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I am Tobi and I love building awesome software. For me, the technical threads of DELTA42 come together. In the discussions about the technical feasibility of ideas, my colleagues like to drive me crazy sometimes, but the interdisciplinary collaboration is definitely a lot of fun and enhances my own capability of working out an overall concept.

In my free time I like to make music, run a Christian leisure program for children and enjoy spending time with my family.

Your Tobi

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Hey guys,

I am Thomas and part of our Techy team.

My motto: “Talk is cheap. Show me the code. ” (Linus Torvalds)

So I'll make it short: I've been working with e-commerce interfaces such as Amazon for years. Therefore, as a “man at the keys”, I bring your sales and marketing figures to our DELTA42 board.

Since I am mostly busy in the depths of the system, we are less likely to meet, But if you have any technical questions, I would be happy to help!

Despite my techy existence, I don't shy away from fresh air or sunlight. After work, I ride my bike or go bouldering and I'm a dad of twin babies and a toy poodle.

Have an awesome day! Thomas - your keyboard hero

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Design Manager


Hello and Moin
I am Marius and I am considered the creative mastermind of the team, the place where all the threads around design and visualization come together. I see the topic in a similar way to Steve Jobs at the time: “Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works! "

We therefore started the whole thing with the general concept for branding, which emphasizes simplicity and community. Values that run through all design elements from ads to every part of the dashboard. At least that is our goal. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.

I also particularly enjoy the exchange in our steadily growing team and the pushing together in one direction, which constantly brings our tool to a new level.
Let's go DELTA community! Let's go!

Online Marketing Manager


Hey Everyone

I am Catharina and responsible for everything related to online marketing at DELTA42.

It was a lot of fun for me to set up the DELTA42 website for you and to continue to improve it. I love making the page searchable, creating campaigns and mailings, analyzing them and making progress visible. I also support the team with text and design. So if you ever run into a few DELTA42 ads, I'm probably responsible for it.

Otherwise I prefer to stay in the background, but I'm always happy to have a nice chat! So feel free to write me on LinkedIn at any time.

Until then, I look forward to further exciting stories and new insights that I will experience in the future with the DELTA Squad and especially with you - the DELTA Community!


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Product Owner


I'm Jonathan and I'm the Product Owner for DELTA42. It is therefore clear that I usually work closely with the development team so that our priorities are in line with requirements. I am therefore usually the first point of contact for development topics.

Actually, I come from the field of BI, but in the past it has often turned out that the combination of requirements and development fits well into my sphere of activity.

So far, DELTA42 has presented itself as an exciting but also a challenging project - due to the spatial separation from the operative developers, communication must be particularly transparent and binding.

I look forward to the official start of DELTA42 with you!




Hi there,

I’m Kevin and I’ve been driving the DELTA42 idea since its birth.

The idea of building an affordable all-in-1 solution for everyone, immediately convinced me and I made every effort to support it. We are now a super interdisciplinary team and it is great fun to see how we learn and grow and together we further sharpen this tool.

Organizationally, I'm something like the CFO or financial backer, i.e. Topics such as pricing or sustainable resource decisions are up to me formally, although we actually decide almost everything in joint discussions.

See you soon! #feelfreetoconnect


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Affiliate Manager



My name is Christopher and I am happy to be part of DELTA42 as the manager for our Affiliate Program. 🙌

You know that we benefit incredibly from you as a community, so we have heard and considered your voices in relation to our pricing model.

For us, pricing does not only include the price packages themselves, but also the DELTA42 affiliate program in particular.

If you want to know more about it, please ask us.

The DM drugstore founder Götz Werner once said "sales is the applause from customers."

In this sense, I am happy about your cheers

Your Christopher

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Compliance Manager



I am Ezra and I take care of everything related to compliance at DELTA42. It may not sound especially "fun and startuppy" but the these topics are extremely important when developing new solutions. Specifically, my work is to make DELTA42 more secure for you - be it to comply with legal requirements, when drafting a contract, or to protect your data. Above all, the latter is very important to me when designing DELTA42, so that we can be a safe and reliable partner to YOU. I never get bored in the dynamic environment of DELTA42.

In this sense, I am really looking forward to the launch and everything else to come. If you would like to learn about compliance at DELTA42 from me, just write me.

Until then!


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Consultant Data Privacy and Security


My name is Udo and I take care of the topic "data protection and IT security". On DELTA42 we attach a great importance to legal compliance and a well-secured handling of our customers' data.

In this sense, "stay safe".

Your Udo

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