Friends of DELTA42

Only the best is recommended to good friends: Recommend DELTA42 to your friends and get a whopping 30% of their monthly fees in the first year.




Click on ” BECOME A FRIEND”, register with our Friends of DELTA42 Program, attach your PayPal-Account and generate your personal recommendation link.


Send your referral link via e-mail or social media.


If the recipient signs up for DELTA42 using your link and decides to sign-up for a paid plan after the free trial period, you will recieve a monthly payment of up to €89.70* from us.


After the referred customer has submitted his contract data to DELTA42, you will see referred customer in your dashboard with the status “LEAD”. As soon as the free trial has expired and the contractual relationship has actually been established, your award will be confirmed and paid out in subsequent billing run.

The award amounts to 30% of the turnover for a successfully arranged paying new customer of a DELTA42 plan.

The revenue share applies for the first 12 months and is paid monthly. Individual discounted promotional plans may be exempt from the award or may recieve a lower pay out.

Damit deine Kundenwerbung erfasst werden kann und dir die Prämie zum Schluss ausgezahlt werden kann, ist es zwingend notwendig, dass der geworbene Freund sich über den Link registriert. Beim Klick deines Freundes auf den Werbelink werden Parameter übermittelt, welche die Zuordnung zu dir als Werber herstellen. Somit weiß der technische Dienstleister, welche Person den neuen Vertragspartner geworben hat. Ohne diese Zuordnung wird keine Prämie erfasst. 

Our advertising links have a 30-day cookie storage policy (cookie window).

The “cookie window” indicates how many days a link (click) is eligible for a conversion. Conversions that take place within this window are assigned to you, and conversions that take place after this window are not assigned to you partners.

Example: The cookie window is 30 days and a visitor (Felix) clicks on a partner link from Paula on June 1st:

If Felix books a DELTA42 plan on or before June 30, Paula will receive a credit for the following 12 monthly sales from Felix.

If Felix books a DELTA42 plan after June 30th, Paula will not receive a credit for the sale.

So that we can record your recommendation, we use cookies from our service provider These cookies are valid for 30 days. Your recommendation must have registered with DELTA42 within this period. Recording is only possible if the advertised user has enabled cookies in their browser. In your personal dashboard you can see at any time how many people clicked on your advertising link and how many have successfully registered.

DELTA42 gives you the opportunity to refer as many friends as you want.

If you have any problems in the recommendation process that cannot be solved by these help pages, please contact Your request will be processed as soon as possible.

* When booking the Enterprise plan(as of March 19, 2020). The premium is lower when arranging other plans.

Do you have any questions about the affiliate program or DELTA42?

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